SQL Server 2005,2008 Decryptor

How to decrypt:

1. Install and start the program directly on the SQL Server computer. With default settings of SQL Server you cannot recover the code remotely.

2. Log In with administrator rights (as "sa" or using Windows Auth)

3. Select items to decrypt in the database

4. Press "GO!", choose file name where to save the recovered data.

5. Open produced file with Query Analyzer.

6. Be happy.

 or ...

Important note! To SQL Express users or if you can't login:

If decryptor can't login to your server and gives an error about DAC (dedicated admin mode) error than probably to your server is too restricted. You can read MS articles about how to enable DAC permanently or use our solution which enables this mode temporarily.

1. Go to "Services" management view and open SQL Server service properties.

2. Stop the service, set option  -T 7806 as shown on the picture below.

3. Start service from this dialog. It is important now to press Start right from here and now.

4. Close dialog.

As a result SQL Server will start with this option which enables DAC login mode. After the server restarted, option disabled.

sql server trace flag

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